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According to International Data Corporation (IDC), growth rate of Asia Pacific’s spending on big data analytics (BDA) solutions in 20221 will reach 19%, and such spending is forecasted to rise 1.6 times to reach US$53.3 billion by 2025, as global economy continues to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic. 


From addressing changing consumer tastes to rolling out new products, we see enterprises of all sizes escalating their reliance on data and business intelligence to make game-changing decisions. While data science is becoming the backbone of businesses, harnessing data goes beyond selecting a powerful BI solution.  It literally requires an enterprise’s adoption of a data-driven culture.


McKinsey's DataMatics 2013 Survey2 shows that data-driven companies leveraging analytics are 23 times more likely to acquire customers; 9 times more likely to maintain customer loyalty; and 19 times more likely to helm a profitable business. These findings substantiate the phenomenon of dominating brands being an adherent of data-driven decision making in today’s business landscape.


Being “truly” data-driven, businesses embrace data democratization across ALL competencies.  Use cases herein provide examples on how AutoInsight is helping these keen enterprises with a relentless quest to extract value from their data asset, and how evidence-based decision making is enabled by the delivery of actionable data, to optimize operation and drive business growth through improved customer experience.


1 Worldwide Big Data and Analytics (BDA) Spending Guide (March 2022)



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