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Accelerating Growth and Customer Loyalty for Food and Catering Industry

Updated: Feb 27

Client serviced is a licensed franchise of Japan’s second-largest fast-food chain specialized in donburi (rice-bowl dish) with a remarkable history of more than 100 years with over 2000 stores worldwide.

Founded over 3 decades, the Hong Kong operation of this quick service restaurant chain currently runs over 50 stores in the city, where diners are consuming monthly one million of this cooked-to-order rice bowls they highly favoured.

Providing all-round Digital Transformation Consultancy and Data Analytics Service, to accommodate campaign monitoring and optimization, for all day-to-day and ad hoc initiatives introduced by this quick-service restaurant chain.

Integrate data from CRM, POS and CVP on a daily basis to:

• Create a comprehensive and engaging customer experience using new insights relevant to sales, marketing and retail concerns for effective customer retention.

Sales Performance Monitoring on BI Dashboards to:

• Pursue effective implementation of menu product initiatives and related support areas, based on a solid grasp of market trends and challenges

Post Campaign and Customer Behavior Analyses to:

• Facilitate precise segmentation based on customer analysis

• Understand customer habits and motivation

• Uncover customers’ hesitations to improve shopping experience

• Adjust existing marketing campaigns and launch new ones accordingly

Incident Impact Analysis (e.g., Social Unrest, COVID 19) to:

• Evaluate and improve incident management strategies currently in place to minimize business-impact brought about by the disruptions and uncertainties arise from volatile situations

The use case demonstrates how our digital transformation consultancy and data analytics services enable the client to enhance their operations in the food and catering industry. By integrating and analyzing data from various sources, monitoring sales performance, analyzing customer behavior, and evaluating incident impacts, the client can make data-driven decisions, improve customer experience, and optimize their marketing strategies for better business outcomes.


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