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Increasing ROI through Personalization and Segmentation for Electronic Retailing and Home Shopping

Client serviced is a 1993 founded Japan based home shopping television network owned by one of the most established national telecommunication service providers. 

Honouring Vision, Mission and Values as corporate philosophy, this unique shop brand selling products and services from worldwide, is dedicated to helping customers enjoy an enriching lifestyle while rendering to them the convenience and fun of home shopping, as well as other interactive services including e-commerce, physical stores and catalogue shopping alternatives subsequently introduced

Harnessing sales behavior data, collected in respect of Recency, Frequency and Monetary Value (RFV) of consumption at TV Shopping Network, we help this Client unlock personalized marketing and increase engagement with additional products introduced to the audience shoppers.


Monthly adoption of RFV Model makes possible periodical Customer Segmentation, in which prediction of their acceptance level towards marketing messages and offers, i.e. cross-selling opportunities pertaining to complementary financial products, are validated.

Validation and Evaluation

Our commitment to delivering exceptional results led us to implement regular checks on customer conversion. By evaluating shoppers' acceptance levels (high/medium/low) when introduced to complementary financial products or services, we validated the effectiveness of our strategies. This validation process empowered our client to make informed decisions and refine their marketing initiatives, consistently enhancing customer experiences.

Creating Unique Customer Value Propositions

A key aspect of our collaboration involved the creation of a unique set of customer value propositions. Drawing upon the insights derived from data analysis, we developed personalized and exclusive strategies tailored to specific key target segments. This approach empowered our client to connect with their customers on a deeper level, addressing their individual needs and fostering long-term loyalty.

Optimizing ROI and Driving Growth

Our data-driven approach extended beyond personalized marketing and customer engagement. By effectively evaluating the cost of incentives to stimulate changes in customer behavior, we facilitated accurate return on investment (ROI) computations. This holistic approach empowered our client to optimize their marketing budget, drive sales growth, and achieve tangible results.

Through our partnership with the esteemed home shopping television network, we have demonstrated the transformative power of data-driven strategies in the realm of electronic retailing and home shopping. By unlocking personalized marketing, enhancing customer engagement, and optimizing ROI, we have empowered our client to thrive in a competitive landscape. At AutoInsight, we remain committed to delivering exceptional insights and driving success for our clients in the ever-evolving world of digital retail.


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